Our Physician Recruitment and Staffing Services

About Kendall and Davis

As a premier physician recruitment and staffing services provider, Kendall & Davis sets itself apart from competition with our commitment to excellence. Since 1972, our St. Louis-based company has maintained strong industry standards and ethical guidelines that reinforce our mission to provide physicians , advanced practitioners , and clients  with the highest level of service.

Kendall & Davis: The Physician Recruitment and Staffing Difference

At Kendall & Davis, we approach the physician recruitment and staffing business from a different perspective. Our expert recruiters work in a team-based environment, allowing them to be experts in their physician specialty.

Kendall & Davis trains our consultants to be well-versed in the nuances of their medical specialty. This means that whomever you are working with will be detail-oriented and focused on providing the information that is crucial to filling your staffing needs.

Our ability to function as an impartial third party has proven to be an asset that allows us to provide a different point-of-view or suggest a resolution that facilitates a successful contract negotiation.

Contingency Physician Staffing and Recruitment

We find that most physician staffing and recruitment needs are best served through a contingency staffing arrangement that allows both parties to use other resources in an effort to get the job done.

With Kendall & Davis, you know upfront what your final bill will be, which you only pay after we have successfully filled your position. Kendall & Davis will be upfront with you about your final bill, assisting you with questions at every stage of the physician staffing and recruitment process.

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