Back Happy National Doctors’ Day 2017 from Kendall & Davis!

Happy National Doctors’ Day 2017 from Kendall & Davis!

Every year, March 30 is National Doctors’ Day, an occasion in which Americans from all walks of life unite to celebrate, honor and thank the nation’s hard-working physicians.

A physician’s life is a rewarding one, yet it’s also filled with challenges. Even during the best of times, doctors must contend with long hours, unpredictable situations, and difficult decisions. Today, volatile healthcare regulations and a nationwide shortage of practitioners is combining with ever-changing technological and administrative demands to create pressures on doctors never before experienced in history. (It’s no wonder that rates of physician burnout are reaching all-time highs.)

As a leading physician recruitment company, Kendall & Davis understands the challenges doctors face better than most — as well as just how essential the nation’s physicians are to our collective health and well-being.

With that in mind, we’d like to extend our sincere thanks to doctors across the U.S. (and the world), and remind everyone else to take a moment to let the doctors in your lives know just how much they’re appreciated. If you haven’t yet thanked the doctor in your life, please take the time to do so!

A Brief History of National Doctors’ Day

What’s the story behind Doctors’ Day? An officially recognized event in the United States, National Doctors’ Day was created in 1991, when President George H.W. Bush signed into law a resolution passed by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

“Medicine is a special calling, and those who have chosen this vocation in order to serve their fellow man understand the tremendous responsibility it entails,” President Bush wrote in Proclamation 6253, officially kicking off National Doctors’ Day in 1991.

“In addition to the doctors whose name we easily recognize, there are countless others who carry on the quite work of healing each day in communities throughout the United States,” the proclamation adds. “Common to the experience of each of them, from the specialist in research to the general practitioner, are hard work, stress, and sacrifice.”

But although it was made official in 1991, the tradition of Doctors’ Day dates back to the 1930s. “The first Doctor's Day observance was March 30, 1933 in Winder, Georgia,” reports the National Doctors' Day Organization, when Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond, “decided to set aside a day to honor physicians.” That day soon became Doctors’ Day throughout Georgia, the first state to regularly observe the occasion.

Why March 30? Looking even further back into American history, March 30, 1842 was the day when a small-town physician, Dr. Crawford W. Long of Georgia, first administered anesthesia for a patient — a first in the history of medicine.

Though Dr. Long’s accomplishment is universally recognized, the AANA Journal points out that true “credit for the discovery of anesthesia” should be divided among four individuals: Dr. Long; as well as Horace Wells, who first “introduced nitrous oxide for pain relief during dental surgery;” William T. G. Morton, who “gave the first public demonstration of ether anesthesia;” and Charles T. Jackson, who “suggested the use of ether as an anesthetic agent to Morton.”

It’s fitting, then, that the history of Doctors’ Day coincides with this important discovery. Today, more than 150 years later, Dr. Long’s discovery continues to be honored, not just for its contribution to medicine, but as a means to celebrate the important work physicians do all year long, from coast to coast.

If you’re a physician, we want to sincerely thank you for all the hard work you do to help keep America healthy. If you’re not a physician, don’t forget to thank the doctors in your life! Whether they’re your caregivers, co-workers, employees or family members, join us in expressing gratitude for the important work they do, not just on Doctors’ Day but every day of the year. To learn more about physician jobs offered by Kendall & Davis, call (866) 675-3755.