Our Physician Recruitment Firm Needs Your Referrals

If you’re on this page, you probably have an outstanding physician friend, colleague or associate who is looking for a physician recruitment firm to advance their career. At Kendall & Davis, we don’t take these introductions lightly, and treat our referrals as a win-win for both you and the people you send our way.

Your colleague will have access to a full service physician recruitment firm that puts their specific needs first, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you opened up a new world of possibility for your referral. Oh, and there’s that $500 cash incentive, too.

  • Introductions must be submitted online via the introduction form above. The form can be completed and submitted by you, the candidate, or a Kendall & Davis employee.
  • To be eligible for the introduction award, the candidate must be a new contact for Kendall & Davis (i.e. has not been actively recruited by Kendall & Davis within the last two years).
  • If you are currently working with our recruiters, make sure we have your correct contact information so we can reward you for your introductions. If you are not a current candidate, please make sure you or your referral submit your complete personal contact information so we know how to reach you.
  • When providing an introduction, no stipulations as to where a candidate must work are allowed.
  • To qualify for the introduction bonus, the name and contact information for both you and the candidate needs to be included on the candidate’s application or the introduction form.
  • You will earn an award for each healthcare professional you introduce to us who accepts a permanent position through Kendall & Davis and who meets all contract requirements during the first six months time in their new position.
  • In a case of "reciprocal introductions" (two new candidates applying and introducing each other to Kendall & Davis), only one introduction award will be paid, to be split between the parties.
  • Staff Care, Locum Leaders, Linde Healthcare and Merritt Hawkins & Associates employees are not eligible to participate. Employees of any other AMN Healthcare company are eligible.
  • If you know physicians, physician assistants or nurse practitioners who might be interested in joining Kendall & Davis’s medical staffing network, please complete the introduction form above. You can receive up to $500 per introduction when candidates remain in their role six months or more.
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