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Growth in Physician Salaries

Key Medical Specialties See Growth in Salaries

Due to the physician shortage and a variety of other factors, including the continued expansion of health insurance enrollment through the Affordable Care Act, physicians’ salaries are increasing. Salaries (which don’t include production bonuses or other incentives) from 2015 to 2016 increased for the following physician specialties:

  • Hospitalists 7%
  • Family Medicine 13%
  • Internal Medicine 14 %
  • Pediatrics 15%
  • Urgent Care 5%

According to the Merritt Hawkins’ 2016 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiter Incentives, the rise in primary care salaries is in part due to the fact that primary care physicians are a key to implementing population health management and to establishing the patient-centered model of care.

For family physicians, in particular, salary increases can be tied to the increased demand created by the growing number of urgent care centers and retail clinics, which are competing with other traditional providers for the services of family doctors. Salary increases for pediatricians may be driven in part by the types of organizations now recruiting them, which have evolved from smaller, single-specialty practices to hospitals and hospital systems that have the resources to offer more.

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