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5 Tips for Working with a Physician Recruiter

Physician recruiters can make a world of a difference in the quality of your job search. The access, resources, and time that they can devote to securing you a satisfactory opportunity make them a true asset for you in reaching your goals. Here are five tips on how to have a successful experience with a physician recruiter.

1. Ask good questions

There are no bad questions. It is important to ask the recruiter questions that will help you determine what kind of recruiter they are, what experience they have, and how they work. By asking the right questions you will also be able to gather more relevant information regarding the opportunity, such as company culture, work environment, compensation, support services, and how the team is structured.

2. Give honest answers

The more honest and detailed you are about your goals and aspirations, the better chance you have of reaching them. Mutual trust is important in the recruiter-physician relationship, so it is also crucial to be honest about any legal and malpractice issues you’ve had in the past. It should go without saying, but being truthful with your CV and recommendation letters is also a must.

3. Be flexible

While you shouldn’t hesitate to communicate your goals and dreams, it will also be to your advantage to be flexible and open-minded to different ideas and approaches throughout the process. The physician recruiter will bring a different perspective to your job search that could cause you to think differently about how to approach your goals. It will serve you well to be open to that.

4. Don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen

It is inadvisable to work with too many physician recruiters at the same time. If your CV is too widely circulated, it can be a red flag to employers. You may be perceived as being too desperate for a job. Some employers could assume there may be something wrong with your work history or training record. It can also create confusion; your recruiter may not truly know whether you're their candidate.

5. Show that you are a team player

In healthcare, teamwork truly does makes the dream work. You should demonstrate how you have successfully worked with teams in the past. Whether it be nurses, hospitalists, administrators, or directors, giving examples of how you have worked well with teams will go a long way in securing your next opportunity.

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